Opel Vivaro

The new and technically advanced Opel Vivaro will take care of the comfortable journey of all demanding passengers. This exceptionally well-prepared vehicle is equipped among others with 9 comfortable places, which will make even long hours of travel not a problem. Out of concern for the safety and satisfaction of our clients, we select only the best cars, which use advanced technologies to maximize the car’s parameters.

Peace of mind and protection of travelers

The safety of passengers during their journey is the responsibility of systems such as:

  • hydraulic braking assist, which in the event of an emergency changes the system’s response,
  • traction control system TC,
  • electronic stability system ESP,
  • hill start assist HSA,
  • antilock braking system ABS,
  • advanced air-bag system,
  • fasten seat belts signs.
Comfort and efficiency

Cruise control, sensor and reversing camera are a guarantee of driving satisfaction, while innovative parts of the drive systems, combustion systems, engine, etc. ensure efficient and economical travel.

Users can rely among others on legible navigation and a clear and intuitive multimedia panel, which, thanks to many possibilities of wireless or wired connection with external equipment, can become a mobile command center! An interesting addition to make the journey a pleasure for everyone is the option to adjust the additional heating system of the passenger compartment by means of a controller in the headliner.

Renault Trafic

Our task is to provide you with vehicles that meet all your expectations. One of the vans that we have in our fleet is the high quality modern Renault Trafic.

Thanks to large capacity of the trunk and possibility of transporting 9 people, choosing this car from our offer is the best decision for demanding clients. Interior is neat and comfortable, so that even long hours of travel or transport from the airport after a long flight, are not a problem and do not cause discomfort.

Safety as a guarantee of peace of mind

Whether you’re planning a family holiday or a business trip, you should always rely on an assortment that ensures maximum security. Renault Traffic is a vehicle equipped with the latest and most advanced power steering and braking systems that care about the quality of driving and braking.

This efficient and economical car will work under all conditions, so we can present it to our clients – feel the differences in premium equipment, which will allow you to travel far away with your family and colleagues.

Space and convenience

The car has comfortable seats for 9 people and a large trunk capacity, which can easily accommodate all bags, suitcases and luggage. The space offers satisfactory work and entertainment on the move to everyone, who chooses this car brand – that’s why it’s perfect for family vacation trips, weekend business trips and holidays in a group of closest friends.