Frequently Asked Questions

It is a collection of basic questions and answers concerning the rental of a van at the airport in Cracow while using the services of our company. We hope that here you will find answers to any doubts related to this type of service. For more information, please contact our company.

What does Rentalvans do?

Rentalvans rents cars of the van type (9-seater) and carries out transports from Cracow-Balice Airport to the city centre or to any other place indicated by the client. We also organize tourist trips, wedding receptions, conferences, company trainings, integration trips or hen or bachelor parties. We are at your full disposal.

Does sending a request for availability of a bus mean that the reservation is accepted?

No, reservations are considered accepted when you receive feedback from Rentalvans employee confirming that the reservation has been accepted.

The price indicated in the reservation form is the price valid on the day of rental?

Rental price calculated by the system in the reservation form is the total price for rental and is valid on the day of rental, unless the client changes reservation during the rental period (e.g. extends the rental for another day or changes the form of vehicle insurance).

How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made using the reservation form on our website or by telephoning us on +48 575 00 46 46 46.

Can I cancel a reservation made?

Yes, you can cancel your reservation and there are no additional costs. However, please cancel your reservation no later than 24 hours before the planned rental. This will make it easier for us to plan the availability of our fleet for other clients.

How do I find a Rentalvans employee at the airport?

Our staff will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. When making a reservation, please enter your contact details (phone number, e-mail address) so that our staff can contact you in case of any problems. It is also important to provide the flight number you are arriving in Cracow. Thanks to this information, an employee of our company can check how your flight runs and wait long enough for you. Despite the continuous improvement of airlines in terms of punctuality, we still have situations of flight delays.

Can I pick up a reserved car elsewhere than at Cracow-Balice Airport?

Of course, the pick-up location is chosen by default, but we will deliver the vehicle to any place of your choice. Details can be determined individually by contacting Rentalvans via e-mail or telephone.

What documents are necessary to rent a bus from Rentalvans?

In order to rent a car in our company, you need to hold a valid for at least one year driving license to drive this type of vehicle, a second document with photo (passport or ID card) and a credit/debit card (required for deposit). We do not accept ATM cards such as Visa Electron or MasterCard Maestro.

I am under 25; can I rent a bus from Rentalvans?

The Renter must be at least 25 years old on the day of rental.

Can I rent a van outside office hours?

Of course, the service of renting a van outside working hours of our office costs 80 PLN for rent.

Can only the Renter be a driver of bus during the rental?

Of course, there may be more drivers. However, adding another driver to the agreement involves a fee of 10 PLN for each day of rental.

Do I have a kilometer limit when renting a car?

There is no daily limit.

Can I extend my rental?

Yes, you can extend your bus rental. However, please contact us in advance to determine the details of extension.

Do I have to refuel the van fully before returning it?

Yes, at the time of rental you will receive a vehicle with a full tank of fuel and we ask you to return the van with a full tank as well. Rentalvans will charge 8 PLN for every liter of fuel missing.

When can I pay for my rental?

Rental payment is made immediately after the return. The amount due is collected from your blocked funds on your credit/debit card. The rest of deposit is then automatically unblocked.