Renting a van for holidays – what is worth remembering?

Renting a van for holidays – what is worth remembering?

Renting a van for a holiday trip is a very beneficial solution for anyone who values ​​comfort and independence while traveling. A properly selected car will allow you to avoid almost all the inconveniences associated with traveling by public transport. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should look into our guide to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What to look for when renting a van?

When choosing a van from the rental company pay attention to such vehicle parameters as available driver assistance systems, luggage space and standard equipment. During the summer holidays one of the most important elements of equipment is of course air conditioning – there is nothing worse than driving for many hours in the heat. In the case of further departure outside the city, the satellite navigation system and an economical engine are also important. Regardless of where you are going on vacation, it is always better to book a car well in advance, due to high demand during the whole season.

However, before you make a reservation, it is worth checking if the selected bus rental company does not charge for kilometers driven above the set limit. If such a limit exists, it may turn out that the amount charged for “additional” kilometers will have a significant impact on your total rental cost. In addition, when reviewing documents, you need to become familiar with issues related to car insurance and your own contribution in case of accident.

Each company has its own internal rules that you should know before signing a rental contract to avoid additional fees. There are a lot of van rental companies on the Polish market, but not all of them offer services at a satisfactory level. When picking up the car, you need to carefully check the general technical condition of the vehicle. Describe any deficiencies in the handover protocol and then attach it to the rest of the documentation. Following these tips will save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

As for the requirements for the driver, to get behind the van wheel, you need a category B driving license, the second document with a photo and a payment card. In addition, the driver should be at least 25 years old, but this is not strict rule. It is also necessary to have a proper internship at the wheel, which is at least 12 months.

Why is it worth to rent a van in our rental company?

Vehicles offered by Rentalvans are equipped with air conditioning, multimedia panels and driver assistance systems, such as reversing sensors or ABS. Our vans also have a built-in GPS system that makes traveling much easier and helps to avoid fees associated with the use of navigation on a smartphone abroad. A powerful and very economical diesel engine allows a significant reduction in operating costs. Another advantage of your vehicles is the spacious trunk. We provide 9-person vans with an extended body, which guarantees that each passenger will fit into the car with his luggage. We invite you to visit our branch in Krakow or use the online booking form.